Platinum Set



Check our Platinum Set for Oily skin that contains:

  1. Peeling Blue Diamond –

    Active diamond microdermabrasion at home at the price of an anti-ageing cream.
    The Diamond Peeling is a unique product which combines the properties and effects of mechanical and enzyme peel with high-quality anti-ageing cream.

  2. Natural Collagen Platinum (100ml) –

    Recommended for the caring of facial, neckline and delicate areas of the body.
    It supports revitalising treatment for mature complexions; it provides non-invasive face lifting and regenerates skin after plastic surgery procedures. Regular use stops the skin-ageing process for up to four years.

  3. AteloCream MC2 –

    Atelocream MCis the first cream in the world that combine three breakthroughs in one product: biomimetics, liquid crystal system and atelocollagen (biomimetic peptides encourage your skin to mimic processes found in younger skin).

  4. Collagen Wash Gel

    The Washing Gel is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and baby skin. The unique formulation of mild cleansing substances washes away the debris whilst delivering proper nutrition and hydration for the skin.

  5. Elixir Dr Slonia –

    A special cosmetic useful in treating skin irritations.

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