About us

The idea of ​​establishing Colway was created in 2003, when Maurycy Turek created a product idea based on Natural Collagen. Scientists from Poland have developed a natural method for maintaining youth – a real elixir of youth. The idea was based on pure collagen obtained from freshwater fish, which slows the aging process of the skin and provides a young look, firmness and freshness for many years.

The history of Colway’s creation is associated with a great invention related to the magical properties of collagen, whose research began in the 80’s. At that time, Poland was already conducting an extremely ambitious research program on acquiring food proteins from their inexhaustible reservoir, the ocean.

Between 1985 and 1986, chemists from Gdynia: Mieczyslaw Skrodzki, Antoni Michnikiewicz and H Kujawa made an extraordinary invention. They isolated unbound molecules of collagen directly from fish skin, which stayed stable outside the living organism for the first time in the history of any developments on the triple helix protein. They did this through a process of creating a low level protein by binding organic acids with water molecules. The patent of this discovery, however, was implemented only in 1989. Despite the worldwide significance of this invention, no one, no serious investor was interested in this amazing development.

Fortunately, this great discovery has not been forgotten. Maurycy Turek never forgot. He told his friend Jaroslaw Zych about the fish collagen and his idea of creating a brand and selling it to those that wanted a health product to maintain strong supple silky skin and in April 2004, COLWAY – General Partnership was created. Marycy and Jaroslaw did not want the usual company format with their normal high marketing costs but was inspired by making personal recommendation their unique selling point and that is the reason for their current success.

The concept of direct distribution in multi-level network marketing, which often arouses controversy, Colway’s Natural Collagen turned out to be a hit. The backbone of direct selling, where consumers are influencing each other through personal use, could not fail. Without an advertising campaign or trade credits for anyone, the company has developed through the best form of advertising – personal recommendation or word of mouth marketing.

The Trade Mark Colway  positively reflects our philosophy that “COLWAY” is a company different from others – it is a consumer-distribution network, ie based on an open market with full transparency. Additionally, it has the flexibility of marketing with a human face where participants do not dream of someone else’s dreams, but have their own.”

Colway set new standards in the industry. Why is it going so well? Because the founders of the company gathered all the critical opinions about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) organizations and practices since 1992 and from that they drew some very important conclusions. They prepared a program for ordinary people, a marketing plan with a human face, friendly participants, free from all traps and complicated solutions.

Colway’s success is that hundreds of people earn a great income, thousands of people effectively use this to increase their home budgets, and tens of thousands keep a young look for years plus have a good time whilst enjoying Colway and all it has to offer.