Blue Diamond Exfoliator

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All types
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Active diamond microdermabrasion at home at the price of an anti-ageing cream.

The Diamond Peeling is a unique product which combines the properties and effects of mechanical and enzyme peel with high-quality anti-ageing cream.
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Capacity: 75 ml

The Diamond Peeling is a unique product which combines the properties and effects of mechanical and enzyme peel with high-quality anti-ageing cream.

This innovative solution was created with the use transdermal collagen production methods, and a lysozyme formula which protects the skin more effective than antibiotics, combined with around a dozen active substances working in synergy.

The benefit of combining mechanical and enzyme peel is more effective cleansing with less interference with the dermis.

The dust produced while polishing diamonds, which can only be achieved by rubbing one diamond against another, is the hardest known mineral in the world. It can only be found in very expensive, exclusive peels by the best global brands. The price of the ingredient – which is actually a waste product from jewellery production process – is due to its precise effects achieved thanks to its molecular size, which allows us to use the finest abrasive known in cosmetology in the COLWAY Diamond Peeling.


  • exfoliates dead cells
  • cleanses the epidermis removing contamination
  • regenerates the ceramide-lipid-hydro layer
  • activates fibroblasts to produce biological collagen
  • protects against bacteria, external conditions and
  • free radicals
  • antioxidative properties
  • helps create an even skin tone
  • minimises skin defects
  • moisturises
  • oxygenates, stimulates microcirculation
  • prevents blackheads

Such a wide range of effects could not be previously achieved by products mainly intended to cleanse the skin and prepare it for the application of active cosmetic substances.

COLWAY Diamond Peeling achieves such results thanks to its composition, which is a global innovation: combination of collagen peptides, monomer precursors and hyaluron, with rich plant extracts. In addition, to help the ingredients reach the dermis, the product contains strong penetration promotors, enzymes, which cut through the bonds between dead cells and diamond dust, which cuts through everything.

You could not create better absorption conditions for substances which activate collagenogenesis (which for many years have been the main subject of interest for the creator of the Diamond Peeling, Piotr Pakuła) – peptides, vitamins and other active ingredients. Young, exposed skin can be easily harmed. Lysozyme prevents unwanted microorganisms from penetrating young exposed skin.

Active ingredients:

Lysozyme, coenzyme Q10, avocado oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, vitamin E, collagen, aloe vera extract, D-panthenol, squalane, Agastache extract, Glycacid eco (precursor of mucopolysaccharides with highly concentrated monomers and dimers of hyaluronic acid), glycosaminoglycans – penetration promotors, amino acids produced directly during the world’s first controlled decomposition of collagen

3-helices, abrasive – diamond dust, enzymes – subtilisin, arbutin.

Intended use:

  • Adults.
  • All skin types.

Especially recommended for the face, neck and décolletage in case of tired skin, with signs of ageing and uneven skin tone. Also perfect for contaminated skin, acne-prone or blackhead-prone skin, sallow complexion or uneven skin texture.

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75 ml


Lysozyme, Coenzyme Q10, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Mango butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, Aloe extract, D-panthenol, Squalane, Mexican turtle, Glyacid eco, glycosaminoglycans, arbutin, Diamond dust, Subtilisin

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  1. Justyna (verified owner)

    Very powerfull shampoo . I’ve been losing hair due to permanent stress but since I started using it my skin head is not hurting anymore and I’m not losing hair as much as I used to . It’s improve every wash.

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