Combination Skin Gold Set


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Check our Gold Set for Combination skin that contains:

  1. Peeling Blue Diamond – Active diamond microdermabrasion at home at the price of an anti-ageing cream.
    The Diamond Peeling is a unique product which combines the properties and effects of mechanical and enzyme peel with high-quality anti-ageing cream.
  2. Collagen Vege – The unusual recipe of vegan collagen gel was created on the basis of plant ingredients. In addition to the first phytocollagen in cosmetology, it consists of: birch leaf and bark extract, aloe, horse chestnut fruit extract, rosehip extract, Asian pennywort extract, arnica extract, ginseng extract, or witch hazel extract.
  3. AteloCream MC2– Atelocream MC2 is the first cream in the world that combine three breakthroughs in one product: biomimetics, liquid crystal system and atelocollagen (biomimetic peptides encourage your skin to mimic processes found in younger skin).

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