Gold and Diamond Set


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Check out our “Gold and Diamond” Set that contains:

  1. Blue Diamond Face Cream –
    The Blue Diamond Cream is a unique achievement in skin revitalization. The latest generation of liposomes, thanks to skin penetration promoters, transport microparticles of state-of-the-art ceramides and coenzyme Q10 to the skin cells.
  2. AteloCollagen –
    Atelocollagen Colway is a superb anti-aging collagen gel. Gold helix that you see in the bottle consists of three native collagen proteins: tropocollagen, atelocollagen and procollagen and additionally of elastin and gold. All is immersed in fluid silk (sericin) enriched with natural Rose Oil.
  3. AteloWater Cellular –
    Cellular AteloWater is a revitalizing face mist that has the composition of a liquid that fills cells in human skin. It is rich in free ions of minerals and trace elements. It takes part in metabolic processes of the cell, and it is helpful in the process of collagen absorption.

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