Natural Collagen – part 2

Completely natural. A unique gift of nature.????

COLWAY® presents to you a revolutionary biochemical invention on preserving the youthful look of skin – Natural Collagen. Collagen is a “protein of youth“, which constitutes more than 30% of the mass of human protein and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Collagen and elastin form in the dermis elastic mesh, which gives it elasticity and firmness, as well as binding water, lipophilic substances and provides the basic condition of connective tissue, in other words, the condition of the entire organism – you!

What is Natural Collagen?

It is a gel created by molecules of fish collagen, which through the process of hydration attaches water molecules to the collagen. The only “live” protein preparation in world of cosmetic science – it maintains the construction of the triple helix protein. Fish collagen at the molecular stage is characterized by its ability to go through the skin and be absorbed. The properties of this product determines its natural biological activity, however, one of the most important things to note is that

it must be stored under sterile conditions and at a temperature of no more than 26°C.

Thanks to the simple and hygienic application of the pump, you can dose as much as you need to care for your body.

How it works?

Collagen in our body is subject to a continuous exchange process and as long as it runs smoothly your skin looks young and healthy. Systemic collagen is formed in production cells: fibroblasts and chondrocytes, in processes called collagenogenesis. Natural Collagen does not fight effects, like most anti-age cosmetics, but strikes the root of skin aging – collagen deficiency. The triple-helix protein products, once on the skin, penetrate the epidermis and ultimately stimulate fibroblasts to produce your own collagen.

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