How to use Natural Collagen

Natural Collagen, produced in three degrees of pigmentation is dedicated to different parts of the body:

Platinum is recommended for the caring of facial, neckline and delicate areas of the body,
Silver is recommended both on face and body, and
Graphite is recommended for hair, hands, nails and feet.

The different options only differ in terms of price, pigmentation and (to a minimal extent) density. They all have the same ingredients and the same amino acid structure, spiral structure and properties. Therefore, it is not a mistake to use them differently than recommended.

How to use?

It is worth to prepare the skin for collagen therapy with regular peels used cyclically 1-2 times a week to facilitate the collagen penetration of your skin.

Always apply a thin layer of collagen on freshly washed and still wet skin. Massage, rub and wait for the preparation to be completely absorbed. Then you will feel a slight tension and tightening of the skin. This is completely normal, and will disappear after applying your other skin care cosmetics, such as day cream, night cream or body lotion.

If you have visible traces of collagen on your body that resembles an excess of skin, this means that too much of the preparation has been applied at once Use less.

Why is it worth trying?

Natural, pure, organic & biologically active collagen Colway stimulates the cells to produce their own collagen.

With regular use of Natural Collagen, either morning or evening or even both each day you get:
 improvement in the hydration and firmness of your skin
 delay of the natural aging processes
 visible improvement in the cohesiveness of the skin
 smoothing and brightening of scars, stretch marks
 strengthening of loose skin (as found on thighs, buttocks and breasts)
 hair and nail regeneration

And to continue with the collagen treatment, we would always recommend the Colway Cosmetic Line.



Natural Collagen needs to be protected from too high temperature – above 25 °C and direct sunlight.

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