Diamond Collagen


The essence of transdermal peptides – a cosmetic for luxurious, full-spectrum skin revitalisation, regeneration and rejuvenation.

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Capacity: 50 ml

The essence of transdermal peptides – a cosmetic for luxurious, full-spectrum skin revitalisation, regeneration and rejuvenation.


Diamond Collagen is the absolute biotechnological innovation of 2022 – it is the world’s first cosmetic with excellent skin permeability documented by research results. The unique technology used in this product is a patent-protected discovery by Polish biochemists, and COLWAY has the exclusive right to use this extraordinary invention.

Diamond Collagen is a treasure trove of IOC Transdermal Collagen Peptides® with a mass of less than 500 Da (daltons) and with well-known amino acid composition, which have been isolated from the native form of collagen. To our best knowledge, this is currently the only product globally containing a composition of as many as 151 collagen peptides with the smallest mass of all compounds of this type used in cosmetics. These peptides are the dominant component in the protein fraction of Diamond Collagen – they constitute as much as 90% of its content; the remaining 10% constituted by the already well-known COLWAY collagen occurring in the native form of the triple helix.

The low mass of IOC Transdermal Collagen Peptides® results in the impressive ability of Diamond Collagen to penetrate the stratum corneum and effectively stimulate fibroblasts to revitalise the skin in the full physiological dimension of this process – associated with increased synthesis of intercellular matrix proteins, i.e. collagen and elastin, and stimulation of hyaluronic acid production. The addition of collagen in the form of trihelis enhances this process and has a lifting effect on the skin.

The enrichment of the composition with sodium hyaluronate – the physiological form of hyaluronic acid present in the skin – noticeably improves the hydration of the dermal layer and supports the activation of fibroblasts, which further enhances skin revitalisation and increases the intensity of rejuvenation.

Since the peptide fraction maintains its form and properties stability at physiological temperatures, i.e. around 37ºC and slightly higher, Diamond Collagen does not require refrigerated storage. As a result, it can always be within your reach, giving the skin its full activity from the moment of application.

The cosmetic is ideal for collagen massage


  • Accurately targets the causes of skin ageing.
  • Comprehensively stimulates skin regeneration, revitalisation and rejuvenation.
  • Improves dermal hydration and promotes water retention in the epidermal layer.
  • Improves the properties of the skin, making it smoother, more elastic, firmer, denser.
  • Produces a lifting effect, immediately after application,
  • Rejuvenates and promotes a youthful appearance on a long-term basis,
  • Reduces the visibility and depth of wrinkles,
  • Restores the radiant appearance of the skin.

The use of Diamond Collagen brings dual benefits – in the form of immediate, noticeable beautiful skin tone and good hydration with simultaneous strong stimulation of fibroblasts revitalising the tissue. Systematic use of this exclusive product results in long-term improvements in skin properties – it becomes smoother, denser, more elastic and hydrated. As a result, it regains a young, well-cared for and radiant appearance – just what everyone wants!

Additional information


50 ml


Aqua, Collagen (IOC Transdermal Collagen Peptides®), Sodium hyaluronate, Elastin, Caprylyl glycol, Lactic acid.


Adults, for all skin types. 

Particularly recommended for mature skin with visible signs of ageing, requiring a comprehensive stimulation of regeneration processes.

Directions for use 

Use every morning and evening, applying a small amount to cleansed skin. After application, the cosmetic should be gently massaged in. 


Diamond Collagen is ideal for collagen massage – thanks to its excellent applicability and documented ability to penetrate deep into the skin.


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