Protective Hand Wash Gel


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The product has an antibacterial effect, does not contain ethyl and isopropyl alcohol.

Protective Handwash Gel with antibacterial properties quickly and effectively eliminates all impurities and microorganisms, ensuring your comfort and safety.

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The special, alcohol-free formula of the product, based on proven antibacterial ingredients, combined with very mild cleansing substances, provides the skin with both comfortable cleansing – without feeling tight or dry, with extremely effective and long-lasting antibacterial protection.

The care ingredients, i.e. natural collagen and D-panthenol, effectively care for the balance of the skin’s hydro-lipid coat. Thanks to this, even increased frequency of handwashing does not cause excessive drying and irritation.

The gel’s fresh scent, directly resulting only from the ingredients used, and the creamy foam makes handwashing not only effective but also very pleasant. After using the product, the hand skin remains refreshed, smooth and soothed for a long time, and the long-lasting antibacterial protection ensures comfort and safety.

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200 ml

Also for use in the treatment of fungal problems, skin irritations and acne


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