Protective Hand Cream Exp 03/24


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COLWAY Hand Protection Cream is an innovative, light, quickly absorbing moisturizing cream that combines effective antibacterial protection with intensive care.

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Protective Hand Cream

A carefully developed, alcohol-free formula of the product, enriched with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, i.e. vegetable oils and extracts, vitamin E, natural collagen, D-panthenol, on the one hand, it effectively protects the skin of the hands against the harmful effects of external factors, and on the other hand, it provides its comprehensive care.

The skin-friendly formula of the cream has been devoid of all fragrances, therefore the smell of the product results directly from the ingredients used. Light and quickly absorbing texture allows you to start your daily activities almost immediately after applying the product.

This unique cosmetic provides your hands with comprehensive and long-lasting care, necessary especially when they are frequently washed and disinfected.

The cream is especially recommended for people whose hands require quick antibacterial protection and effective regeneration. Regularly used – leaves the hands soft and smooth, even after using powerful disinfectants!


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200 ml

Hand cream for daily hand care


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