Colaceum Vax Serum


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Natural care wax for skin, hair and nails with versatile use.

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Colaceum is a wonderful “elixir for everything”, once sought by alchemists, and today rediscovered by COLWAY. Reaching for forgotten or hidden recipes, relying only on natural ingredients used for hundreds of years in herbal medicine, we have created an absolutely unique “panacea” for all skin ailments, so common today.

The recipe of the product, as it was done centuries ago, includes real macerates of inflorescences and herbs, plant extracts and oily essences. The tradition of using these natural substances in herbal medicine is very long due to their beneficial effects on the skin, hair and nails, known for centuries. That is why our miraculous elixir includes herbs such as: calendula, sea buckthorn, lemon, rosemary, shea butter, turmeric – as well as rediscovered hemp.


Importantly, the product is 100% natural, you will not find any emulsifiers, dyes, flavors or preservatives in it. The beneficial care and regenerating properties of Colaceum are simply invaluable. We especially recommend them for the care of sensitive, dry, calloused or cracked skin, as well as for the care of dry and dull hair as well as dry nails and cuticles.

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50 ml

Face and body

Apply a small amount of wax to the cleansed skin of the face or body. Allow to absorb. You can rub it with your hands before applying – the application will be easier.


Massage a small amount of the product into the hair ends and / or (as needed) into the scalp. Allow to absorb. It is best to apply before going to bed, leave it overnight and wash your head with shampoo in the morning.


Massage the wax into the nail plate and cuticles. Allow to absorb.


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